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Improve the safety and efficiency of new works


Installing bollards, road infrastructure and street furniture has never been easier! 

Installing roadside items has never been easier - you can literally install hundreds of items in a single day and the good news is that the pavements remain in pristine condition for decades and all items of infrastructure remain safe, secure and perfectly aligned, only removable using the ergonomic tools provided.


Ground sockets can be installed when pouring concrete footings (preserving the integrity of the valuable foundations) creating a perfect finish and greatly reducing both costs and risks.

nistall socket island.gif


If items are heavy, in windy or rainy conditions or you don't have time to wait for concrete to cure you can use the Installation tool to simply position the socket upright, (from a standing position) check alignment, and pour the concrete footings to secure the socket. 

Instead of spending hours digging up newly laid foundations, damaging the integrity day 1


You simply attach the Taper, drop items into the ground socket and they "automatically" lock in using friction, only removable using tools provided.

No costly delays - you can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day.


Because they are secured using friction they remain perfectly aligned, safe and secure year after year.


Install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day

Anything from an outdoor table, rubbish bin, bike rack or seating can be installed using ZERO WASTE Foundations. All items become relocatable and interchangeable greatly improving the safety and efficiency of events, maintenance and upgrades.

Creating cleaner, safer more efficient developments for generations to enjoy

Instead of being in a constant state of decline, ZERO WASTE Developments remain in pristine condition and if a roadside item or item of street furniture is damaged or grows old and unsafe it can quickly be replaced, so developments remain in a safe, well maintained condition at all times, with no disturbance for maintenance or upgrades.

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