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We design & develop disruptive technology

Smart Urban is a design and innovation group that cracks the tough problems, for those willing to challenge how things have always been done, for those innovators looking to change the world. If you require a solution to a problem- contact us. 

With a clear focus on product development, we have joined ZERO CIVIL to help establish distribution of our products globally. If you want to buy our products or inquire about Distribution rights, contact ZERO CIVIL 

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To us, this is not just a job

Unlike most businesses, we are clearly focused on helping build a better future.  If we were focused on profits we would make products that failed upon impact so you had to return time and time again to spend more with us. 


"Untold human suffering" is in our future as nations miss their Paris Agreement targets by a long shot".


We’re one of the most wasteful countries in the world – day after day tossing ridiculous amounts of money and valuable resources in the trash.  

Despite major technological development in the last hundred years, and lots more cars on the roads, methods of installing and maintaining roadside items remains the same.

With rapid urbanisation, silicosis and increasing pressure to reduce waste, this already extremely difficult and dangerous job is becoming untenable 

We are already beyond the tipping point (borrowing resources from future generations to repeatedly repair our roads) and inaction now will cost future generations dearly.


make progress or make excuses

we challenge how things have always been done

To progress, you need to challenge how things have always been done. 


We are rule breakers, making a conscious decision to reject the herd mentality, stand out from the competition and challenge how things have always been done, engineering ground-breaking technologies that are unlike anything you’ve seen before, revolutionising roads and urban environments around the globe by reducing waste and substantially improving both the safety and efficiency of roadworks

In order to solve some of the global challenges including rapid urbanisation, depleting resources, and increasing consumption, we need to make a conscious decision to challenge how things have always been done, for “we cannot solve problems using the same way of thinking when we created them “ Albert Einstein 

Sadly, built in obsolescence is standard industry practice, with low quality products flooding our market in recent years, further increasing consumption, waste, disturbance and difficulty maintaining our roads, we felt it was time to break the rules and put an end to this madness! Instead of reducing consumption of the world's most dangerous material, (concrete) our industry is consuming more than ever and using current methods the damage ands waste will continue to grow. 

Ronald Reagan once said, “Status quo, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’“.  Accepting the status quo is one of the greatest business and society killers as in order to progress, we need to change and adapt.

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: The future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so


At last sustainability 
makes good business sense

Previously only used in the Aerospace industry, we have utilised the latest in technology  to  produce a range of both durable and low cost solutions that continue working year after year, providing the world's first truly sustainable solution to the major problems facing our industry today

traffic and carpark supplies zero waste civil solutions: posts, bollards, grab-rails, zero waste foundations, impact recovery bollards, advanced polymer bollards, wheel-stops, carpark bollards, bollard covers, steel bollards, stainless steel bollards, flexible posts, impact recovery posts, surface mount bollards, main roads bollards, sign posts, removable bollards, main roads fixed and removable traffic bollards, bollard covers, impact resistant bollards, western power non conductive bollards, rust proof bollards and posts, impact recovery bollards, the ultimate carpark bollards and more

now handle orders and distribution inquiries

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Our journey started with an inquiry from Main Roads for a more sustainable means of securing road-side infrastructure, reducing the fast growing damage, reducing time spent on location and the growing risk of workplace injury.

They showed us a yard filled with twisted metal and roadside infrastructure embedded in large concrete footings and provided truly alarming figures on the growing risks involved in working on our roads. We explored national and International markets and found this was a world-wide problem. This is where our journey began – we knew the world needed a solution - and with rapidly growing urban populations and depleting resources we need to work fast!



Using the traditional materials of steel and brittle plastic provided band aid solutions and caused major long term problems which ultimately resulted in expensive maintenance problems (as in Melbourne where rusted metal protrusions litter the footpaths creating major clean up job and major litigation risks for future generations). Finding the right material was only the first hurdle - we needed a means of securing items in the socket that would continue working impact after impact.


Available Nationally

You can order any of our products from all major distributors of traffic and civil supplies Australia wide. If you have a preferred supplier not on our list- please don't hesitate to contact us on 08 9248 5545 to add them to our suppliers list, or email

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